>It’s been crazy busy for Ballet Fantastique around here! We company dancers really are wearing a lot of hats right now. Good thing we like working on our acting skills. After all this training, we will effectively be able to dance a wide range of roles including but not limited to plumbers, movers, car washers, (bad) chefs, and tour guides! 😛

We’ve been:

  • Getting the new studio ready–workin’ it like construction workers (you should be able to see photos of us in action soon here on our Facebook page)
  • Fundraising like crazy–car washes, golf tournament coming up, tiles party, you name it!
  • Getting ready for new dancer Krislyn to get here soon from Idaho Falls (super excited!), and trying to show dancer Leanne a little of glorious Oregon-in-summer, since she’s seen so little of it (my fault; I’m a Task Master). We made a true hike up at Crater Lake last Sunday–beautiful.
  • Dancing hard so we stay in shape, and working on new choreography for our first-ever official full concert season at the Hult Center! String Theory is Nov. 20-21.

SO between all this craziness, Leanne and I decided that we ought to have our own camera crew, like one of those reality TV shows (it seems like we’re often locking ourselves out of cars in the rain, accidentally punching ourselves in the face while cleaning windows, baking horribly flat cookies to try to raise money, or saying hilarious things that few people would find funny but that we’d like documentation of anyhow).

We were mostly joking about the camera crew, but lo and behold, Dmitri Von Klein, the genius behind Monovita Photography and our awesome photographer and friend, appeared to not only wield a crowbar (it was demolition day at the new studio), but also to document our summer. Ask him to show you the time-lapse video of our progress in the new City Center for Dance last weekend! When we get more done, we plan to post it online at BFan.

Stay in touch! We love you!

(company dancer)


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