Studio Update

>Hey everyone!!! Just thought I would put up some pictures of the studio and give a quick update. The process has been pretty crazy. We are constantly learning by having to fix our mistakes. Things are definitely getting done though. We got a new sign yesterday which was the highlight of the day. We have been doing a lot of painting and having a blast while getting the job done. We even started getting our sprung floor ready to be installed. We are all going a little crazy though because we haven’t had much time to dance in the midst of trying to build a STUDIO. We are getting a little antsy for it to be finished. But it is well on its way and is coming together pretty quick. BFAN is super excited for our new “City Center for Dance” to be finished so we can put it to use.

We are so thankful to all the community who has been a constant support and encouragement to us! The other day we were painting outside and we received so many words of encouragement from you all just passing by. THANK YOU so much………we appreciate it more than you even realize!!!!


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