First Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser SUCCESS!!!

>Hey everyone!!!!! Just wanted to tell ya’ll about our golf fundraiser and post a few pictures so you can see how much fun it was. The best part was that all of Bfan was together. I even got to finally meet Amelia and am even more excited for this year.

The fundraiser was a huge success and we are so exciting to make this is a yearly thing. All of us ballerinas loved learning so much about golf that we plan on getting into golf. Anyone have any golf clubs we can have so we borrow now that we are going to be golfing in our spare time. Ya I know, what spare time? Robert gave us all private lessons and who would have ever thought, Donna is a natural. Even Hannah learned that a shot gun start in golf doesn’t involve a real shot gun. Leanne had so much fun she is considering working at a golf course as her second job. Ashley loved driving the golf cart so much that she is saving her pennies so she can some day have her own.

Bfan would like to thank all the people who were out there supporting us. We even got some first time golfers. And we all had so much fun!!!! Here are some pictures that we took!


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