Crunch Time!

>Hey everyone! Sorry it was been so long since the last studio update. We have been so busy trying to get the studio ready for our Season Opener Gatsby Party! Hope ya’ll are planing on coming to it since we have been working real hard. Here is a picture timeline of how the studio has been coming together during the last couple of weeks!

Even when we are doing hard labor we find time to dance!

Leanne and Hannah touching up the last little bit of the huge “Tiffany’s” wall that got covered up!


Everyone is working away, look at these new awesome stairs!

Beautiful paint job and doors!!!! Krislyn even installed the hardware by herself!

Our $25 credenza looking shining new with a new granite counter top and sink!!!

Yeah for skinny mirrors!

Our Beautiful Dressing Room, look how amazing it came together!

We are so proud of our beautiful hardwood floor, every time it gets dirty we shed a little tear.

Still got a few more super long days ahead of us but it is going to happen. It is coming along great. Feel free to stop by if you want to lend a helping hand or just to give a bit of encouragement! Without ya’ll we may have given up a long time ago! Thank you for your support! We couldn’t do it without you. We are all super excited to enjoy the new space with you on Saturday Night. See you then!!!!!


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