City Center for Dance!!!


Hi everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while–we’ve all been recovering from the performance last weekend. We’re feeling a little tired in the muscles but exhilarated in spirit. 🙂

Speaking of which, it’s gonna be an awesome week at the City Center for Dance!

  • We’re getting ready for Nutcracker Night on Dec. 18 at 5 pm (check out all new upcoming events at
  • We’re gearing up for new YOGA, CONDITIONING, and SHOOTING STARS CLASSES! (More details about those will be available as soon as Hannah gets out of her turkey coma and posts them, also on
  • We’re welcoming our lovely new dancer Jordyn Richter, who gets here on Wednesday, fresh from her season at Suzanne Farrell Ballet at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC (!!!). (Jordyn’s bio will be posted as soon as Hannah gets out of her pumpkin cheesecake pie coma, also on

And now, for YOUR Thanksgiving pleasure, we’d like to share with you some lovely lovely new photos of City Center for Dance by Reathel Geary of 5-d Creative. He’ll be coming in this week to take photos of us in the space and we’re really excited about that, too!

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