Fun holiday dancey reading!


Carlos Acosta is kind of…fantastic

Some interesting and provocative ballet stories in the news recently, so we thought we’d share what we’re all talking about in the dressing room of late (with links to the books, stories, and articles, which make for some great holiday reading!):

Ballet inspires and uplifts
Listen to Jennifer Homan’s interview on Fresh Air about her new book, Apollo’s Angels:
THE BOOK: Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet

A nuanced look at weight and the contemporary ballerina?
Summary of the “she ate one too many sugarplums” drama unfolding at NYCB and in the NY Times, and dancer Jennifer Ringer’s gracious response:

Carlos Acosta talks about how the male dancer is akin to a soccer athlete
THE BOOK: No Way Home: A Cuban Dancer’s Story

Black Swan response
THE MOVIE: Black Swan (we’re not sure that we’re all that impressed, though, folks)

NOW, what WE, the BFan company girls, are reading!

  • Leanne: Sushi for Beginners, by Marion Keyes
  • Krislyn: The Miracle of Forgiveness, by Spencer W. Kimball
  • Ashley: Dancing on My Grave, by Gelsey Kirkland (2nd time)
  • Jordyn: The Shape of Love, by Gelsey Kirkland
  • Amanda: Edie: American Girl, by Jean Stein
  • Hannah: Managing the Nonprofit Organization, by Peter F. Drucker
  • Amelia: Harry Potter (first time!)

Happy listening and reading, and stay posted for our next post, filled with holiday gift ideas!

We love ya.

H and the women of BFan

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