Check out the Bossa Brasil commercial!

Click here to watch our fun and fabulous Bossa Brasil commercial by the amazing Nikos and Jackson of Vanguard Media!

With a few commercials under our belt now, it’s always something that we totally look forward to. Because we’re a small ballet company, we each end up being more involved in ALL of the aspects of the process–from the glamorous (being on TV! We’ve all dreamed of this since we were so little) to the mundane (actually right now Leanne and Ashley and I are in the process of helping sew trim onto our bodices for “Tango Forte”). Maybe this is sort of a “duh” thing, but being part of the behind-the-scenes stuff is definitely one way to really cultivate a visceral appreciation for all of the elements that go into pulling off a show. We have a sense of fierce pride and ownership for the finished product that you just can’t have when all you do is show up and dance (though goodness knows, we have lots of respect for folks who “only” do that, too).

Back to the commercial: We filmed it late last Saturday night at the CCD (that’s my code for “City Center for Dance”) after a long day of teaching and rehearsal. Leave it to Nikos and Jackson to come up with a concept that would intrigue and inspire us, though! The idea they brought to us sounded risky at first: tell a story-within-a-story in just 25 seconds (the designated Comcast length)?! But the transition from rainy outside to colorful inside totally worked! It helped capture the idea of Bossa Brasil’s steamy, fun, and colorfuldances! We also think it’s neat in this commercial that you get a behind-the-scenes look at the “making of” the commercial–you get to see the lights, the backdrop, and even the people (Jared! our awesome photographer who helped us shoot the poster images).

What did we love best? It was so fun for this commercial to get goofy and let go of being totally serious. We’re working so hard to pull the performance together in such a short time, so rehearsals have been scheduled to the minute and it can be intense. We’re trying to get back in shape after the break, get on top of the choreography, create all of this new and inspiring material, you get it…but anyway, by the end of a long day, we can all get a little silly! You’ll get to catch some of our hilarious “bloopers” ‘cuz they’ll be played on stage after the performance of Bossa Brasil so…GET YOUR TICKETS!!!

Watch the commercial click here
More about Vanguard click here
Get your Bossa Brasil tickets NOW click here(tickets are FLYING out of the box office!)

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