Hey all you Bfan supporters……sorry it has been so long since our last post. Bossa Brasil was a huge success! We received so many amazing cards and nice words from people who came to see the show. It feels so nice that we are loved and supported so much in the community. We were able to take a week and a half off from dancing after the show to rejuvenate our bodies and get some things done that we have been wishing we had time for.

We got super excited to put our work clothes back on do some more manual labor on the studio. I’m not going to lie we were missing the old times. We were able to do some touch up painting. Now every time we are in the bathroom we aren’t starring at the spots we missed because back when we were painting for the first time the electricity wasn’t installed. We finally sanded and polyurethaned the last piece of the ballet barre, and thanks to Trason we were able to start installing baseboards. Joe even helped finish laying the last pieces of the marley around the edges, our ballet floor looks super great with it’s new finished look :).
After we got the manual labor out of our systems, we turned to fundraising with our new annual “Parents night out!!!!” Parents were able to have an evening to themselves and we got to play with their kids. We did a creative movement/ballet lesson with the kids, did a super fun craft (mouse valentine’s) , watched movies, ate treats and even got a Kung Fu lesson from a five year old little girl. It was so much fun!!!!! Here are some pictures form the evening.

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