What’s New at BFan!

ABOVE PHOTO: Backstage at last year’s Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
Hello everyone!

While it’s been a long while since we’ve posted, we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs! Thanks so much for your patience with us and here’s the latest news from behind the scenes at Ballet Fantastique…

In the studio:

  • We’re gettin’ ready for our third tour to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival! On June 13, BFan dancers Amelia, Krislyn, Leanne, Ash, and Hannah (with Justin, one of our favorite dude dancers, and Matthew Fuller, acclaimed violinist) will be presenting our “Pirates & Gypsies” show for opening night of OSF’s Pirates of Penzance. We’re creating a spicy, energetic and fun set for this show, comprised of both existing Ballet Fantastique original repertoire (the Gypsy violin trio with Matt from Red Violin and the Folk Dance, to name just two), and a few new pieces created just for this program and inspired by Penzance. It’s fun to hear that we already have a few die-hard BFan fans planning to head down to enjoy us and the OSF in Ashland. Join us if you can! The show is Saturday, June 11 at 7:15 pm and thanks to OSF’s wonderful Green Show series, it’s free!


PHOTO: Dancers Ashley and Amelia were up for auction!




Under our belt:
One of our goals (one we hope is a no-brainer!) is to produce fundraisers that are actually really fun to be a part of. We were busy in May with the following two:

  • We raised $1,400 at our 2nd Annual Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction at The Bridge Bar & Grill last week, and we had a BLAST! Ten talented and fascinating young men and women volunteered their time and took the risk to be auctioned off. We had music from DJ Redd Fox (who definitely got us all dancing), and enjoyed Evan’s (of Bartender Wars fame) delicious sangria. All of the proceeds we raised go to BFan’s nonprofit work in the community.

PHOTO: Rich, insanely talented Executive Chef at The Bridge, is auctioned off in spite of initial apprehension.

  • Another annual fundraiser that was a real treat: Our first annual Mother’s Day Limo Wineries Tour. Since we pretty much work seven days a week, fellow dancer Leanne and I planned to be excited just by virtue of the fact that we got to relax as “work.” BUT OH MY GOSH, THIS WAS AWESOME! Sunshine Limo swept us (and some of our mommas) up from City Center for Dance. After mimosas, we drove through a magical (albeit rainy) Eugene wine country to an amazing tour at King Estate. We were privileged to try a number of special reserve wines–not part of a normal flight–and then had a special tour to the King Estate Tower, which was closed for the day to everyone else. From there, we voyaged on to Sweet Cheeks (a favorite of Ash-Han-Leanne), and had some tasty cheese, another wine flight, and really dug the live music. The view was spectacular and the company magical. This is a don’t miss for next year, folks…and from the dancers’ perspective, it gave us a chance to bond more with some of our audience members and make new friends.

PHOTO: The Limo Wine Tours crew enjoys the view at King Estate

In the wings:

  • The dancers will laugh that the state of the oversize white board on the wall in my office is an indication of how crazy Hannah is lately, and it’s pretty full! We’re prepping next season (still hush-hush, but coming soon!) and The Academy of Ballet Fantastique’s Summer Dreamworks intensives (click here). We promise to keep you posted with updates on all.

Lots of love!


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