Adult Ballet Class: Just What I Needed

Last week, I made the gutsy decision to take an adult ballet class at Ballet Fantastique. Why was this gutsy? Well, you see, I’m a bit “broken,” to put it lightly. After having three knee surgeries by the age of 19, I’m still living with a torn meniscus in both my left and right knees. To say the least, a ballet class is the exact opposite of what the doctor ordered. However, I came to find that the adult ballet class was exactly what I needed. I’ve kept up on my teaching and choreographing the past few years, but have not
taken a “real” ballet class in a long time. Leanne’s class was perfect for me—-a great balance between barre, center, jumps and turns, and it made me remember why I used to spend at least five hours dancing every single day.

10 reasons why everyone should try the adult ballet class:
1. Instructors work with all dancers and cater to different skill levels
2. Very small class size (only six people when I went!)
3. Builds strength
4. Increases flexibility
5. Drop-ins are available almost every day of the week (M/T/W/F)
6. You are dancing with people who are motivated, but also there to have fun
7. Instructor Leanne Mizzoni is a talented, extremely well-trained ballerina
8. Comfortable environment
9. Corrections are given not only to the group, but also to individuals
10. The class is a workout! You WILL be sore… in a good way, of course

If you are looking for an adult ballet class in Eugene, Ballet Fantastique is the way to go. I promise you will enjoy the various exercises, the workout, the people and the overall atmosphere!

Maggie, BFan intern

Do something GREAT for your body while having fun and honing your ballet technique!
Don’t be shy; come check out one of our classes!
Mondays 11 am-12:30 pm (Annex)
Tuesdays 6-7:30 pm (CCD)
Wednesdays 11 am-12:30 pm (Annex)
Fridays 11 am-12:30 pm (CCD)

More information available here.


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