Ballet Fantastique Opens Season with LA-based Band: Incendio

Ballet Fantastique opens its 2011–2012 season with powerful bravura, when the LA-based band Incendio plays its Latin, Middle Eastern, jazz fusion live with ballet for the first time. The sounds of Incendio’s sweeping, passionate music meet the skill and daring of Ballet Fantastique dancers in a celebration of brilliant live music and dance.

So who is Incendio?

Incendio is a renowned Latin guitar world fusion group from LA that travels all over the country to intrigue audiences with their musical talent. The band is made up of five members: Bryan Brock, Nicole Falzone, Jean-Pierre Durand, Liza Carbe and Jim Stubblefield. These self-motivated musicians have grasped their own future and created their own success without the help of a record company.

The band started in 1999 and has made huge steps forward since. They have managed to take a music form that is fairly rare these days—instrumental Spanish guitar—to new and unexpected levels. Not only has the group had seven international CD releases and recorded an extremely well-known, live DVD, “Dia y Noche,” but they have also self-booked tours over 170 dates per year.

Ballet Fantastique is so excited to be partnering with this band because they offer so much in regards to musical diversity. Although they stick to the romantic playing of the traditional Spanish guitar, their concerts balance rock-style enthusiasm and energy with technical sophistication. Incendio’s music is truly an enticing fusion, which allows the band to stand out from others in its genre and will allow the ballerinas to provide visual pieces that are uncommon in traditional ballet.

The band’s newest CD, “Viheula,” has been getting awesome reviews and even some radio play in Europe and Scandinavia. Because the band is a self-booking and self-promoting small business that produces and records its own CD’s and manages its own tours, they are always in need of sponsors. Sponsors receive premiums such as unreleased video footage, advanced copies of new CD’s, signed posters, free tickets to concerts and much more. Independent music survives because of people like that support Incendio and other musicians like them.

Ballet Fantastique cannot wait to perform with this amazing band, and we know our audience will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate every second of Incendio’s music. We hope everyone is just as excited as we are!

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