14 Reasons to Take Ballet Lessons

Skills that last a lifetime—what you will gain from a strong ballet training program (no matter what your age, child to adult)


  1. Body awareness—Dance lessons build strong balance, spatial and kinesthetic awareness.
  2. Balance—Dance stabilizes muscles in the legs, ankles, and the abdominal core for healthier knees and ankles for a lifetime.  The Vaganova method used at BFan builds very progressively, so that students feel confident and successful as they grow their technique correctly and safely.  All BFan classes follow this deliberately progressive approach, even creative movement classes.
  3. Flexibility—Dancers strive to achieve a full range of motion for all of the major muscle groups, building flexibility in tandem with strength.  BFan training also includes required Ballet Conditioning classes for Professional Training Division students to build flexibility in tandem with strength training for dancers.
  4. Strength—Dancers build strength safely in a low-impact way, by forcing the muscles to resist against the dancer’s own body weight.
  5. Endurance—Dance builds the ability of the muscles to work hard for increasingly longer periods of time without fatigue.  At Ballet Fantastique, small class sizes mean that dancers dance more, instead of waiting around for multiple groups to use the floor for each exercise.  BFan dancers have extra-strong endurance!


  1. Make friends—Make friends, challenge and support each other, and build overall social skills in a positive ballet academy environment like the Academy of Ballet Fantastique, which we’ve been told “feels like a family!”


  1. Historical—Gain respect for and awareness about a beautiful, historical art form.
  2. Musicality—Dance is unique among many sports in that it involves music!  In ballet class, learn about musicality, rhythm, and music appreciation.  BFan Artistic Director Donna is a classically-trained pianist and cares a LOT about music.  She makes sure that every student and teacher is musically passionate and knowledgeable.  Even 4-year old beginning dancers in our Twinkling Stars class learn the basics of rhythm, clapping in sync, and “adagio” versus “allegro.”  You can ask them what these mean!  🙂
  3. Creativity—Build a confident sense of improvisation and artistry.  Artistry is key at BFan!  Browse our media reviews to see how reporters see it in even our young student performers.

Overall Well-Being

  1. Stress Release—Dance gives you a stress release and a proven mood elevation (physical activity reduces stress and tension, and can contribute to higher self-esteem and more positive outlook).
  2. Discipline—Build a sense of discipline and accountability to your “team”—so that you’re more likely to achieve your goals.
  3. Confidence in front of an audience—Build self-confidence, grace, and composure—both for yourself and in front of an audience.
  4. Learn how you learn—Dance lessons teach you more about your own learning style, improving your learning ability.
  5. Reach your goals—Dance lessons reward you with an increased sense of focus, effective goal-setting, and accomplishment. Plus, research has shown that students who participate in the arts have better achievement in academics and better social skills.  BFan dancers have a tangible sense of accomplishment, completing their annual level exams and earning well-earned medals of achievement.

What are you waiting for?!  Classes begin Sept. 10, and they fill quickly.

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4 thoughts on “14 Reasons to Take Ballet Lessons

  1. As a dance teacher myself, I must say you’re spot on with your reasons in this article. I’ve seen so many kids grow and transform on the dance floor. Great post!

  2. This article was very helpful! It made writing my speech on ‘why ballet should be taught in school sport’ much easier. 🙂

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