Young dancers SHINE with us!!

Our Academy classes start September 10th! This season is all about new–new dancer, new students, new class! We’re incredibly excited to inspire all of our students, continuing or just starting out, to reach for the stars!

This season we’ve added a new class with the newest member of our chamber company Alanna! She’s bringing her expertise to SPARKLING STARS on Mondays.

We love what we do and want your child to as well!!

5 reasons to enroll your young dancer (or aspiring dancer) in our classes:

1. Our instructors have extensive experience working with children (summer camps or previous classes) and, of course, were once in their (pointe) shoes. Ballet’s complexity ensures that there’s always something for everyone to learn! So don’t fear–we are well aware of the potential to be easily overwhelmed and try our best to guard against it. If your child is having a problem, we are more than happy to give them individual instruction to help them achieve the best.

2. We teach using the Vaganova syllabus; It emphasizes learning technical steps alongside a personal, unique artistry, and builds skills from the bottom up. This means no one will start out at a level beyond their ability. But don’t take our word for it…
“In addition to technique, the dancers have something more.  It is a very good coordination with the expression, body, and musicality—in Russia we call it the ‘feel of the pose.’  Ballet Fantastique training is wonderful.”
Dina Fadayeva, Expert master teacher, Vaganova Method, 2010
Graduate of the Gitis Choreographic Institute, Moscow, Russia

3. Tuition ranges from $52 to $58 a month, but you’re not only investing in your child’s ability to dance, you’re making a down payment on their development of discipline, confidence and charisma. Although a season’s worth of hard work pays off most exuberantly during the final performance, the effects of our training seep into other areas as well: schoolwork, social activities, extracurriculars. Attention to detail and dedication is central to ballet, and nothing beats the elation of hard work paying off 🙂

4. Does your child love to perform? Do you want them to develop valuable social skills? The team is as important to ballet as the individual! Our small class sizes–the cap is at nine students–ensure everyone gets to know each other, along with receiving a great deal of individual instruction. Growing out of shyness starts with building confidence in interpersonal situations, and between our performances and intimate groupings, reaching a comfortable social level is no problem.

5. We offer so much more than ballet! For example, our classes include seminars that round out our students’ ballet education. Past seminars include tying the perfect ballet bun and yoga (stills from our summer session version are below). We also feature a wide variety of music (from Disney to Chopin) to advance children’s understanding of rhythm and melody. Connect kids to their bodies by promoting athleticism, teach them dietary responsibility and more with our classes.

The classes:

NEW! Sparkling Stars (rec. ages 4 & up)

  • Mondays 4:15-4:45 pm
  • Monthly Tuition: $52/month
  • With Miss Alanna

Shooting Stars (rec. ages 4 & up)

  • Wednesdays 4:15-4:45 pm
  • Monthly Tuition: $52/month
  • With Miss Leanne

Twinkling Stars (rec. ages 4-5)

  • Saturdays 9:30-10 am
  • Monthly Tuition: $52/month
  • With Miss Hannah

Rising Stars (rec. ages 6 & up)

  • Saturdays 10:15-11 am
  • Monthly Tuition: $58/month
  • With Miss Hannah

Full details and registration here.

Warning: kids who start dancing with us have been known to put on performances in their home living rooms every day of the week 🙂

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