What Makes a Dancer?

Practice. Strength. Artistry.

What does it take to be a GREAT dancer?

At BFan, we believe it takes:

  • Passion – You have to want to do it, because it’s not always going to be easy — loving the music, the history, and the art form.
  • Dedication – You may not always want to come to dance class, but being a dancer is 90% dedication and 10% talent — we promise once you’re at the class, you’ll be glad you came.
  • Professional attitude – Even our youngest dancers partake in this — respect the beautiful art from, respect the teachers, respect your fellow dancers, but most importantly — respect yourself!!
  • Communication – Communication is key — among parents, teachers, and dancers — all are equal partners in ensuring the best possible training experience!

So, you think YOU can dance?

Enroll your young ballerina in our young dancer and academy classes


Try out our adult ballet classes! Never danced before? Don’t be intimidated — there’s beginner and intermediate classes offered! Our Adult Ballet Program is taught by BFan company dancer Leanne Mizzoni and features our beautiful dance studios, learning at your own pace, and a fun and motivated atmosphere! Some general info:

  • What do I wear? Come comfortable with a relaxed dress code! CCD also provides a spacious dressing room for your convenience!
  • Locations/Parking: CCD is the City Center for Dance Studio, located at 960 Oak. Annex is the Annex Studio, 60 E. 10th Avenue. Both are beautiful studios in downtown Eugene with parking available nearby! Parking is free on evenings and weekends, and for the first hour!
  • Drop-Ins: Drop ins are welcome, but get a class card for the best deals!

We look forward to seeing new faces in our many different ballet classes this fall!!!


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