An Arabian night…

Krislyn, Hannah, Alanna and new Academy star Kelsey

Months upon months of planning and preparations finally added up to the night of our season-opening gala on the evening of October 8th.

Major highlights include:
*AMAZING DECOR! The former Cafe Maroc fit perfectly with the theme, and supplied more lanterns, rich colors, and stonework than we could have dreamed of! Thank you so much to Adam Bernstein for his incredible generosity.  Our record turnout of guests fit snugly with all eighteen tables filled to capacity.

*The pavilion tent at Cafe Maroc held a surprise: elaborate, uniquely Eugene music from Mood Area 52. Ballet Fantastique is a huge fan!  It’s a great event when not only Ballet Fantastique is dancing, but our guests are as well!

*The food and wine, of course! Pyrenees Vineyards and Wine Cellars provided such delicious adult beverages that they ran out of supplies before the night ended! And Chef Rich Balajadia of The Bridge Bar & Grill made the atmosphere edible through a selection of Mediterranean-inspired foods (hummus, sliced vegetables, rice pilaf) in his exclusive menu for the event.  MANY THANKS to Mike Hoover and The Bridge and to Pyrenees for their amazing support.

*The auctions united the audience and BFan team, with everyone anxiously waiting to hear the results of the silent basket bidding. Congratulations to everyone who won a luxury prize! Before this came a lively dessert auction; each dancer modeled the desserts with a box of cupcakes or a stack of chocolate bars before handing off the delectable treats to the lucky winner.

*Best of all was the INCENDIO preview…

Thanks to everyone who came!

(P.S.–Don’t forget about this awesome deal: Get your Incendio tickets early at the Hult and you’ll receive a coupon for a free tapas plate at Red Agave! Contact us for details!)


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