Only 11 Days Left!

I can’t believe there’s only 11 days left until the curtain is raised at the world premiere of Cinderella: A Rock Opera Ballet Set in 1964!  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing bits and pieces of rehearsal, and it is definitely going to be an unforgettable show.  This week we’re hearing from Justin Feimster, Ballet Fantastique company dancer, who is going to give you five more reasons why you need to come see it.  But before you trust him on why you should buy a ticket, let’s get to know a little bit about him…

Justin graduated with a BA in Theatre Production from Valdosta State University in 2009, while at the same time he was attending dance classes and performing with Dance Arts, Inc.  He has been in the Nutcracker several times, dancing various roles, and was even the Nutcracker Prince!  He’s been with Ballet Fantastique since 2011, and his favorite role was when he danced the part of Ollie in As You Like It: A Wild West Ballet.  While he’s not dancing, Justin loves hiking and scuba diving and his favorite movie is Lord of the Rings.  He can’t wait for this unique performance of Cinderella, and here are his top five reasons why you need to see it:

5.  LIVE MUSIC!  It’s a concert and a show all wrapped into one!

4.  Beautiful dancers, these girls work hard and are a pleasure to watch!

3.  Supporting local artistic expression!  Without support from the community, the artistic world will dry up, and without art this world is a lot colder.

2.  Our version of Cinderella is A LOT of fun, and anyone of any age will enjoy the choreography!

1.  It’s all original!  We don’t work off pre-set moves that have been around for years.  We make it all new, every time!

Well said Justin!  All-original choreography, a rockin’ concert and supporting the local arts…sounds like a great night out on the town!  (Or a perfect mother’s day outing.)

Tickets are going fast so get them now, and see you next week for more top fives!

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About Ballet Fantastique

Experience Ballet Fantastique's unmatched creativity and dramatic prowess. Comprised of 7 stunning dancers directed by mother-daughter team Donna and Hannah Bontrager, Ballet Fantastique presents productions full of sizzle and spice. Hailed as "la creme de la creme" (Eugene Weekly), Ballet Fantastique's all-original choreography infuses ballet with diverse new style, brave musical choices (from tango to Metallica), and passionate expression.

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