It’s Almost Show Time!

And we’re down to the single digits, only FIVE days left until show time!  This will probably be the last “top five” before the world premiere of Cinderella: A Rock Opera Ballet Set in 1964, seeing as how the dancers, choreographers and band will be hard at work all week working on final preparations before the big show.  Fred (who will be dancing the role of Prince Charming) from the Dance Theatre of Harlem is here learning all his choreography, costumes are being put together, props are being assembled and all the while, everyone is dancin’ around the studio to sixties music that we can’t get out of our head.  This week we’re hearing from Ashley Bontrager, who is dancing the role of a stepsister, on her top five reasons why if you haven’t already, you need to buy a ticket for this show!  But like always, let’s get to know a little more about Ashley before you hear her top five’s…

Ashley, who is from Eugene, Oregon, has studied classical ballet since she was four years old!  She has trained at Buffalo City Ballet, the Conservatory of Classical Dance, Ballet Fantastique and the University of Oregon, where she also graduated with a BA in Journalism-Broadcasting.  Ashley has been with BFan since 2000 and has danced numerous roles during that time.  Her favorite however, was when she danced the role of Wanda, the floozy in Love at the Cafe Terrace.  Some of her favorite things are cheese, cabernet sauvignon and BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, and here are her top five reasons why you NEED to see Cinderella this weekend…

5.  This is a show you can watch with your parent’s generation, as well as targeting the younger crowd.  It has the top hits from the 60s (i.e. your mom will dance her socks off to it, if you give her the gift of a ticket for mom’s day) and you won’t be bored watching it, because we’ve made it fresh and new!!

4.  You can tell the band and the dancers vibe off one another, and we’ve made a show that is only stronger because we have each other onstage!

3.  For those of you who love to laugh, there’s no reason you won’t be during the show 🙂

2.  Although we are a ballet company, known for our classical technique, our choreography for this show is definitely contemporary-imagine the mashed potato on pointe shoes!!

1.  We’ve done our best to stay true to the 60s hairdos, perhaps we’ll bring back bouffants!!

Once again, I’m convinced.  Thanks Ashley!  This definitely isn’t going to be your average ballet.  Cinderella: A Rock Opera Ballet Set in 1964 will make you laugh, keep you dancing in your seat, show you moves that you’ve never seen on pointe shoes and take you back to the 60s all at once!  Tickets are going fast so make sure you get them soon!


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