A Creative Social Media Outlet: Perfect for the Arts!

It’s a known fact that social media is taking over the online world. Ballet Fantastique (BFan) prides itself on its vast social media presence by using FacebookTwitterFlickr and more! Now a new site has been added to the BFan social media family. This site is known as Pinterest.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board. At first glance, it appears to be a site consisting of only pictures without content. But the site is unique; you can find great recipes, craft and wedding ideas, and our favorite: behind the scenes insight into BFan’s creative imagination. By clicking on the photos provided on the Ballet Fantastique boards, Pinterest users can view different artisitic content that sparks the directors’, choreographers’ and dancers’ interests! Some of our boards include:

1. “Cirque Inspiration”- A board dedicated to our upcoming fall show: Cirque de la Lune. It depicts photos of circus scenes in/of the 1930s. Very quirky and daring!

2. “Healthy, Delicious Ballerina Food”- This board gives the viewer different healthy recipes-my stomach’s rumbling thinking about it.

3. “Our Dancers”- This board celebrates the talented dancers of the Ballet Fantastique Company.

Other boards of ours include ballerina hairdo ideas, famous dancers and BFan performance content. Links to performance tickets and programs are also available on our Pinterest boards. What a great way for a creative company to interact with its audience! The performing arts are about visuals over words. This unique tool gives us at BFan the opportunity to show you other ways a ballet company can perform.

Wanting to emerge into the life of a ballerina? Or just interested in getting delicious recipes and crafty ideas? Dive into Pinterest and follow our boards! They continue to grow as we continue to grow as a company, and your support directly helps us do that.


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