BFan Gets a New Company Dancer!


Caitlin Marie Christopher (Photo: Jared Mills)


Caitlin Christopher, Alpharetta Georgia native, recently joined Ballet Fantastique’s prestigious and innovative company! Sitting down with her before a company rehearsal, her love for ballet was apparent. Following is our interview:

Q: Why did you begin dancing?

A: When I was 9, I saw the Atlanta Ballet’s version of The Nutcracker. That’s when I began taking classes, though I didn’t become interested in it as a profession until I was 12 when I decided that this is something I want to do.

Q: What has been your favorite performance that you were involved in?

A: I haven’t had the chance to perform with Ballet Fantastique yet, though I am really excited about our upcoming performance. So far my favorite dance performance has been my senior exit dance at the University of Georgia. My lead dancer got injured 2 weeks before the performance so I did the performance as a solo.

Q: How did you hear about Ballet Fantastique?

A: I was in Portland doing a workshop with the NW Dance Project. I’d heard about Ballet Fantastique so I asked Hannah if I could audition.

Q: What are you performing in in Cirque de la Lune?

A: Right now I’m in a lot of group numbers for Cirque de la Lune. I also have a solo titled “The Pope.” I get to dance with two hoops to this fast tango music. It’s fun!

Q: How did you adjust to BFan’s style?

A:  They are very strong in the Vaganova technique during company class especially—it’s like we’re speaking the same language but a different dialect. I’m learning though.

Q: What are your favorite things about ballet?

A: There’s never a dull moment, what you do in class everyday is always different. You’re always working on a show with different characters and styles, it’s the job for a little kid who never grew up!

Q: What would you like to do after your ballet career?

A: I’ve definitely toyed with the idea of going to physical therapy school. I’ve had a lot of injuries and experienced difficulties when physical therapists don’t know how to treat dancers. It’d be great to specialize in dance therapy.

Read Caitlin’s bio on the Ballet Fantastique website.
GET TICKETS NOW to catch Caitlin in Cirque de la Lune.

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