The young dancers of Ballet Fantastique: Dancer interviews from backstage


Trainees Emily Wilhite and Camille Morgenstern Photo Credit: Stephanie Urso Photography —

Event Coordinator Intern, Kristen here again! This last weekend, we had a splendid performance by our Academy dancers in the Home for the Holidays jazzy ballet concert at the Wildish Theater. After the performance I interviewed three very talented ladies, Brenna (age 5), Naomi (age 10 1/2), and Emily W. (age 22).

Brenna, age 5

BFan: What was your favorite part of the performance?
B: The Whole Thing!!!

BF: Were you nervous?
B: No

BF: What did you do to calm your nerves?
B: I smiled!

BF: What do you love most about ballet?
B: Because I get to go to performances.

Naomi, age 10.5

BF: How often would you dance in a day or week?
N: About four days a week.

BF: What are your favorite steps/moves to perform?
N: I love a lot of them, but I would have to say jumps, pas de bourrée, and frappé!

BF: What gives you inspiration to train so hard?
N: Seeing the older girls gives me inspiration. They are so good, I want to be like them.

Emily W., age 22

BF: What are the most important things you do to get ready for a performance?
E: One, obviously warm up, so I do not pull something on stage. Two, I always take a moment to breathe, to just avoid the noise and loudness.

BF: How long have you been dancing and when did you start?
E: Hmm, about 9 years ago, if I am doing the math right. I started my freshman year of high school.

BF: What is the hardest thing about ballet?
E: For me personally, to get my arms correct. In ballet, you need to have a fluid line. It is not just one position to achieve, that is the hardest for me.

We’re proud of you, ladies!  Great work on stage up there.


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