Ballet Fashion

BFan intern Kristen here again! Whether the trend began with Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the City or fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, ballet style is mainstream and as lovely as ever. Some of us may not be ballet dancers, but at least we can bring some ballet inspiration to our wardrobe!

I took the challenge to find the most fabulous, ballet-inspired, ready to wear, and versatile clothes on the market, and below are my top five:

ASOS ballet dress

ONE: I love this ballet-inspired dress from ASOS offered in three colors: black, green, and red. The fabric and bodice cut both have a leotard feel, with the tight gathers and wrapped shape.


TWO: ASOS also has the beautiful outerwear named Unconditional Ballet Wrap Cardigan.

Ruche Watercolor Dress

THREE: Ruche launched an entire collection, En Pointe, based on ballet fashion. I absolutely adore this watercolor floral dress from that line! We may not have stage lights, but this fabric has a sheen and nuance to it that would look great in any light. It’s just decadent.

Shabby Apple ballet inspired skirts

FOUR & FIVE: The clothing company Shabby Apple has created numerous tulle pleated skirts that say, “whimsical.” The white and black polka dot skirt on the left is the High Tea Skirt, and the lovely blue skirt on the right is the Music Hall Skirt. They both promise to float with the graceful play of a dancer’s skirt, and the double layers (underskirt and a tulle overskirt) on the latter are totally ballet-esque. Love.

Are you as enamored with ballet fashion as I am? What are some of your favorite ballet-inspired items?

p.s. Tune in next week for glimpses into our costume designs for our upcoming show, The Misadventures of Casanova! Let me just say that the sketches and fabric swatches I’ve seen so far are just stunning…think a high fashion contemporary spin on “baroque.” Fashionistas, prepare yourselves!

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