Ballet Fantastique goes Italiano!

Venga con me! Do you know what language this is? It’s Italian! We are starting today’s blog post with in Italian phrase in honor of Ballet Fantastique’s upcoming As You Like It project in San Benedetto, Italy, this summer. We are honored to be the first US ballet company to be invited to San Benedetto, Italy, and would like to tell you a little more about this exciting opportunity! So Venga con me (English translation: “Come with me”) and learn about our first international project!

The all-original BFan production we’ll be presenting is called As You Like It: A Wild West Ballet. It’s an adaption of the play, As You Like It, written by William Shakespeare, but with a western twist! The official description:
Through dramatic dancing and expressive choreography, Ballet Fantastique tells a pastoral comedy about two feuding brothers who have two lovable daughters who teach two estranged brothers how to love. To the sounds of American composers including Gershwin, Copland, and Kay, saloon girl legs can-can and cowboys spar in the town saloon. Rosie (disguised as a cowboy) and Celia make their grand escape from the clutches of Sheriff Frederick to the Range of Ardenne, where characters meet, fall in love, whirl to a wild rodeo hoedown, and marry. The production—with all original choreography by Donna and Hannah Bontrager—blends together classical ballet with the playful, rowdy, wild west!
We are incredibly honored by the City of San Benedetto, which is hosting us AND presenting the performance. We’re raising the FINAL EXPENSES for our travel, and appreciate any and all support, whether it be making a tax-deductible donation, attending our upcoming Golf Classic (see below) on June 14th, or simply lending us some of your time!
Finally, we want you to know that you, our fans, drive us and keep us going! If you want to learn more about the show, please visit our web page found here 
If you are interested in our LAST BIG ITALY FUNDRAISER, the 4th Annual Golf Classic, please visit this page for more information found here. Remember that the early bird discount ends June 4, and that’s soon!
We are excited to have you as part of the BFan family and hope to see you at our Golf Classic!
Thanks for your time, love, and support,
Ballet Fantastique
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About Ballet Fantastique

Experience Ballet Fantastique's unmatched creativity and dramatic prowess. Comprised of 7 stunning dancers directed by mother-daughter team Donna and Hannah Bontrager, Ballet Fantastique presents productions full of sizzle and spice. Hailed as "la creme de la creme" (Eugene Weekly), Ballet Fantastique's all-original choreography infuses ballet with diverse new style, brave musical choices (from tango to Metallica), and passionate expression.

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