Meet our Next New Company Dancer!

BFan is honored to be welcoming two fierce new company artists and incredibly talented teachers to our roster for the 13-14 NEW LEGENDS season. Fabio Simoes (from Portugal) and Lydia Rakov (from NYC) are powerful movers with lots of personality—you won’t want to miss their BFan debut in the ZORRO premiere. In the meantime, here’s more about Fabio…


BFan: Where are you from?

Fábio: I’m from Montijo, a city very close to the capital, Lisbon, PORTUGAL.

BFan: At which dance schools did you train before coming to BFan?

Fábio: I started my high level studies in National Conservatory Dance School (E.D.C.N.) in Lisbon, Portugal. I finished my education/formation in Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) in Brussels, Belgium.

BFan: Describe your perfect day.

Fábio: Starting my day by watching the sunrise, rehearse and train all day, pick up some friends and go to beach, watch the sunset while listening to some chill out songs. Then ending the day with a big dinner!

BFan: Proudest moment?

Fábio: When I won my first award, everybody went crazy!

BFan: Wildest dream?

Fábio: As a person who loves adrenaline and radical sports: definitely skydiving.

BFan: Indulgence?

Fábio: hmmmmm…. Maybe everything! (:

BFan: Inspiration?

Fábio: The environment that surrounds me (Life, people, thoughts, pictures, smells, feelings, etc)

BFan: Name one thing you couldn’t live without.

Fábio: No doubt – Dance! but girls too! haha

BFan: Most unforgettable onstage moment?

Fábio: There’s a lot, but one of the unforgettable moments was in Miami at the International Ballet Festival of Miami. It was a dream come true. I was so proud to share the stage with the biggest companies from all over the globe.

Another one was in Serbia, at the International Festival of Choreographic Miniatures. All of the audience started screaming my name way before the judges even announced the winner.

Vortice Braga3MOD

BFan: Dream role?

Fábio: Good Question. I really don’t have… We make our dreams!

BFan: Lastly, why Ballet Fantastique?

Fábio: I Chose Ballet Fantastique because their concept is great! How they connect and use two styles ­– classical and contemporary­– its something that I was searching for and it really feeds me.
Ballet Fantastique has a work that really interests and motivates me, not only as a dancer and a character, but also as a person, too. It’s an energetic and creative company, and is not afraid to try new things!

Fabio Simoes graduated from the prestigious Escola de Danca do Conservatorio Nacional in Portugal with a Certificate of Dance. During his years at the Conservatorio, he performed in numerous classical ballets and studied extensively in the Vaganova Syllabus. Fabio was then invited to join the National Ballet Company of Portugal, where he danced in Swan Lake beside one of the most famous dancers in the world, Carlos Acosta. Fabio also studied at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios in Brussels, where he was awarded the Gulbenkian scholarship and worked with such greats as the legendary William Forsythe. Fabio then joined the KamuSuna Ballet in Lisbon, dancing in the contemporary ballet Love The Earth, which toured internationally. Fabio is also a hip-hop performer, and was invited to dance as a Bboy in the 2011 National Championship of DJs in Portugal. Then, with Vortice Dance Company, Fabio also performed in the international tour of Drácula (a co-production with the Macedonian Opera & Ballet). Fabio performed in the opening of the European Capital of Culture, dancing a solo in front of 30,000 people in a performance that was broadcast live to TV audiences all over the world. In 2012, out of intense competition from 76 international choreographers, Fabio earned an almost unprecedented double honor at the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade, Serbia—1st Place Choreography as well as the Best Performer award. Fabio also performed in the ballet Your Majesties, which had its world premiere at the XVII International Ballet Festival of Miami. Recently, Mr. Simoes had the great honor of being an invited guest dancer in the Croatian National Ballet. Fabio joins BFan after an international audition search thanks to a generous grant from theJames F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation.


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