An Arabian night…

Krislyn, Hannah, Alanna and new Academy star Kelsey

Months upon months of planning and preparations finally added up to the night of our season-opening gala on the evening of October 8th.

Major highlights include:
*AMAZING DECOR! The former Cafe Maroc fit perfectly with the theme, and supplied more lanterns, rich colors, and stonework than we could have dreamed of! Thank you so much to Adam Bernstein for his incredible generosity.  Our record turnout of guests fit snugly with all eighteen tables filled to capacity.

*The pavilion tent at Cafe Maroc held a surprise: elaborate, uniquely Eugene music from Mood Area 52. Ballet Fantastique is a huge fan!  It’s a great event when not only Ballet Fantastique is dancing, but our guests are as well!

*The food and wine, of course! Pyrenees Vineyards and Wine Cellars provided such delicious adult beverages that they ran out of supplies before the night ended! And Chef Rich Balajadia of The Bridge Bar & Grill made the atmosphere edible through a selection of Mediterranean-inspired foods (hummus, sliced vegetables, rice pilaf) in his exclusive menu for the event.  MANY THANKS to Mike Hoover and The Bridge and to Pyrenees for their amazing support.

*The auctions united the audience and BFan team, with everyone anxiously waiting to hear the results of the silent basket bidding. Congratulations to everyone who won a luxury prize! Before this came a lively dessert auction; each dancer modeled the desserts with a box of cupcakes or a stack of chocolate bars before handing off the delectable treats to the lucky winner.

*Best of all was the INCENDIO preview…

Thanks to everyone who came!

(P.S.–Don’t forget about this awesome deal: Get your Incendio tickets early at the Hult and you’ll receive a coupon for a free tapas plate at Red Agave! Contact us for details!)

Live the art…

With only two weeks to spare until the BFan season-opening, I’ve been kept incredibly busy. (To the left you can see some evidence: A stack of lists, including some lists about lists.) Please don’t mind the mess, though–it’s all a part of fitting together the necessary pieces to put on an amazing party.

(I’ve also been exposed to a ton of new experiences, such as making donation request calls. Terrifying at first, but overcoming the fear of rejection along with getting positive responses does wonders to make the process easier 🙂 )

In case you haven’t heard about the gala, or if you’re unsure of what to expect, here are some of the major highlights:
1. The gala opens our 2011-2012 season, so you can bet the entire BFan team will be there! The dancers will perform vignettes of the upcoming, giving attendees a taste of the original choreography and storylines to come.

2. Speaking of shows to come… the gala will immerse guests in an Arabian night! Bejeweled dancers, lush fabrics, and even some oriental rugs set the scene for an exotic getaway, in the spirit of January 2012’s Arabian Nights. Local Eugene band Mood Area 52 provides rich, mysterious sounds to draw listeners into an Arabian bazaar.

3. Prizes and silent auction goodies galore! A raffle, a silent basket auction, a live dessert auction… all those donation calls pay off when we give attendees the opportunity to purchase luxury items (or just a cupcake). Win a stay at the Oregon Coast, or maybe a deluxe spa treatment! Contributions support discounted tickets as well as scholarships for underprivileged kids to see future performances, as well as the dancers’ plane fare to perform in San Benedetto, Italy next summer!

4. Who could forget–the food! Executive Chef Rich Balajadia of the Bridge Bar and Grill prepares an exclusive menu (including some live cooking demonstrations), while Pyrenees Vineyards provides some of the best wine in the Northwest.

5. Tons of fun! This is a party, after all. Mingle with the entire BFan team–the dancers as well as the rest of us who help to make the magic happen–while having a glass of wine or a microbrew and indulging in exquisite art!

Last year's debut, Gatsby!

Tickets are already over 50% sold out! If you’re interested, go to the BFan events page to get yours (or pay $5 extra for tickets at the door). 7:30 pm on October 8th at the former Cafe Maroc in downtown Eugene! Fun, fabulous, and as always, fantastique! We’re all working incredibly hard to make this night a success 🙂

Thanks for reading!
–Intern Katie

2nd Annual Golf Tournament!

What better way to wrap up your summer than with a quiet, breezy day at RiverRidge Golf Course with the lovely dancers and staff of Ballet Fantastique? Cut your own slice of the high life–and spend time outdoors while you still can!–with us on September 9th.

Here’s why we think YOU should come:
1. No pressure–it’s as competitive as you want it to be. Those who are perhaps less confident in their skills need not stress. Some of us are right there with you!
2. Pride points! An awards ceremony if you ARE interested in showing off your putting virtuosity.
3. AWESOME FOOD! Breakfast (mimosas, anyone?) and a burger/brew lunch, with vegetarian options available.
4. Support a good cause! BFan’s company is performing in Italy next summer. Every dollar in proceeds directly sponsors our dancers’ travel expenses to bring their DARING, distinctive dance to an international level.
5. Catch up with Ballet Fantastique. Meet our directors, instructors and dancers–the people who make all the magic happen!
6. Get a great deal–hone your skills, dress your best and receive a gift bag and tee prizes! Also–unlimited practice balls!
7. What else… fun! Bring your business buddies, bring your family, bring friends or go it alone–everyone is guaranteed to find something.

-8:30am: Registration/Check-in begins
-9am: Shotgun start
-2 pm Burger and brew lunch begins (directly after play); Awards Ceremony!

-Tickets are $85/ea, or $75/ea for all players on the team of a BFan parent! Includes green fees, tournament t-shirt, gift bag, unlimited practice balls and use of range, lunch and tee prizes.

More information available here!

Check out some pictures from last year’s tournament:

(Photos by Monovita)

We are sooo looking forward to this, and hope to see you there!

Cooking with the Choreographers Fundraiser!

We had a blast last Sunday with our awesome fundraiser. It almost felt like we were right on the Food Network Channel!

Here is all the BFAN girls with our awesome chef Rich Balajadia (he is Executive Chef at The Bridge Bar and Grill, if you were wondering 😉

And these are the people from the Bridge who made this fundraiser possible!! Thanks so much,
we LOVE you!

Cooking with the Choreographers Menu

I: Szechuan crab cakes, Basil reduction
II: Parmesan-wrapped spinach Caesar, Balsamic reduction

III: Salmon rosette, Scallion rice cake, buerre blanc

IV: Charbroiled beef medallion, Reduction sauce
(Eggplant for vegetarian option)
V: Crème brulee. Kahlua “caviar

Some other fun pictures!
Hope you all can make it next time 🙂
Stay tuned for some other super fun amazing
fundraisers to come!!



Gatsby was October 30 at our newly-opened City Center for Dance! We had the most fun of any season kickoff party ever–and showing off our gorgeous new dance center was even MORE amazing than we thought it would be. The food was absolutely to die for, we loved the champagne cocktails, and it rocked to wear Sue’s great vintage dresses.

Many many many thanks to: Dianna Campbell Bressler, Sue McClelland, The Bridge Bar & Grill/Mike and Kari Hoover and Executive Chef Justin Reed, and the amazing stylists at BRIA Bodycare/Hair Lounge for making Ballet Fantastique beautiful! GO VISIT THEM! They are miracle-workers.

Love lots,

Debut Fantastique GATSBY!

>Hannah is designing and printing the invites to our season kick-off party Debut Fantastique with the extra fun theme GATSBY on October 30, 2010. Everybody will be working to get the mailing out very, very soon. AWESOME food is being donated by the hot, new restaurant The Bridge, roaring swing music is being provided by the Calamity Jazz Quartet. Sue and Dianna will be setting up a “speakeasy” with a divine bartender and special themed drinks at $5 each for your drinking pleasure. So get your 20‘s glam on and join the fun for a good cause!

First Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser SUCCESS!!!

>Hey everyone!!!!! Just wanted to tell ya’ll about our golf fundraiser and post a few pictures so you can see how much fun it was. The best part was that all of Bfan was together. I even got to finally meet Amelia and am even more excited for this year.

The fundraiser was a huge success and we are so exciting to make this is a yearly thing. All of us ballerinas loved learning so much about golf that we plan on getting into golf. Anyone have any golf clubs we can have so we borrow now that we are going to be golfing in our spare time. Ya I know, what spare time? Robert gave us all private lessons and who would have ever thought, Donna is a natural. Even Hannah learned that a shot gun start in golf doesn’t involve a real shot gun. Leanne had so much fun she is considering working at a golf course as her second job. Ashley loved driving the golf cart so much that she is saving her pennies so she can some day have her own.

Bfan would like to thank all the people who were out there supporting us. We even got some first time golfers. And we all had so much fun!!!! Here are some pictures that we took!